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Ten Questions About Pornography

In Part 1, Hal Baumchen discusses the bondage of pornography.
We’ll look at how people get ensnared by pornography and how we can set them free. In general, ‘addictions’ are ‘bondage’ when you can’t break free from their hold on your life.

Part 1

  • The Internet is an easy, private way to access pornography. (page 3)
  • Internet pornography becomes bondage (page 3)
  • Pastors and ministers have the problem too. (page 4)
  • Internet pornography is widespread, time consuming, and profitable. (page 4)
  • Pornography, fantasy relationships, and cybersex are on a steady increase. (page 4)
  • Ted Bundy, of all people, may be an example of the degrading effect of pornography. (page 5)
  • He told his story to Dr. James Dobson the day before his execution. (page 5)
  • He was very honest about his use of pornography and its progressive nature. (page 5)
  • The ten questions in this article are offered by the Focus on the Family site (page 5)
  • Some users search for pornography in spite of themselves. (pages 6)
  • Much of Internet pornography is anonymous fantasy seeking. (page 6)
  • Many users hide their use at home and at work because they are ashamed. (page 7)
  • Some men have exposed their wives to pornography and its attendant evil is released. (page 7)
  • Pornography is an addiction in the league of overeating or excessive tobacco, alcohol, or drug use. (page 8)
  • The Word of God is the antidote for addiction. (page 8-9)
  • Many users respond to pornography links when they come across them by accident. (page 9)
  • Be accountable. Turn your screen toward the door. Find someone or a group to keep you honest. (page 9)
  • Masturbation, the awkward problem, can be a way of cheating your wife or not facing your marital problems. (pages 10)

Focus on the Family’s site,, offers the following ten questions:

Ten Questions

  1. Do you routinely spend significant amounts of time viewing pornography or visiting chat rooms with the intent of finding sexual stimulation?
  2. Do you feel preoccupied with using the Internet to find online sexual partners?
  3. Do you frequently use anonymous communication to engage in sexual fantasies not typically carried out in real life?
  4. Do you hide your online interactions from your spouse or significant other?
  5. Do you anticipate your next online session with the expectation that you will find sexual gratification?
  6. Do you experience significant physiological changes?
  7. Do you feel guilt or shame from your online use?
  8. Did you accidentally become aroused by Internet sex at first and now find that you actively seek it out when you log online?
  9. Do you masturbate while on line?
  10. Are you less involved with your spouse because of your experience with Internet sex?

Love Lines is not the only Internet site that is trying to help people who are impacted by pornography online. The online site called is a ministry by Focus on the Family. They offer some terrific help.

Dr. Dobson interviewed Ted Bundy the day before he was executed. He talked about the link between his crimes and the pornography that he had engaged in for 35-40 years of his life. He talked about the progressive nature of pornography and gave very honest answers to Dr. Dobson. Parts of that interview have been recorded and can be obtained on audiocassette tapes or can be found online.

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